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I have worked with Chris Forrey on the purchase and the sale side of my homes. Chris knows how to price a home correctly and get the most dollars out of every sale.

The first time both my wife and I sat down with Chris, to discuss the current sales and competing properties that we were selling our home against. He knew based on our waterfront location and upgrades we had made to our home; we could sell at the top end of the market.

Chris shared his knowledge of how an appraiser would view our home when it came time for the buyer’s appraisal to be completed for the bank. This maxed out what we could net for our sale.

There have been many occasions where his appraisal background put us in a position to maximize our sell price without risking the deal falling apart. He’s really able to bring all parties to closure with his skill set and maneuver the many pitfalls I have seen less experienced realtors fail at and consequently have deals fall out of contract.

You really want a pro like Chris when you are selling or buying real estate. I give Chris my highest recommendation and I am looking forward to our next deal he and I do together.

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